e are pleased to invite you to the massive event, which undoubtedly is one of the best servers in Poland with a different administration. Before the start of the upcoming Edition does not introduce any new arrivals to the server, because we need to see what will be expected of our players. Together with the registration will be opened when you finish the tests (info below) and we will determine the exact date. We decided to bet on the long game, through the preparation of our server for players from abroad, who are not looking after a few days the new server with the Guild. Especially for them we opened a proxy in Brazil and France, which will allow for pleasant and without problematic game on our server in Brazil, Canada, Spain, Turkey and Egypt (these countries are the main source of open tibia players outside of Poland). Being the topic from the technical side would do well to add that the server is in Hosteam on a decent machine. An important part of the points on the guilds/leadership, which we will not find, so please do not ask because there will be no exceptions (favoritism). In addition, we have taken a decision about bringing professional forum for better contact on line user-administrator, on which you will be able to subscribe to the test server, because the date was not a move for several years. In the end we would like to touch upon quite an important question concerning the spoofing on Narvia, they do not know well how it was but the comments on the forums shows that the last edit was not the end of the reliable therefore we dissociate ourselves from this and you will see us on the real number of active players. In conclusion, many of the edits turned out to be a great success, which we hope you too nice to mention. For the record the events of the last edition we have for you a few clips assembled by regular players: