PL ENG will start in:

29 Oct 2014 - Start moved

Because of the small amount of created accounts we will start our server tomorrow (29.10.2014) at 20:00.

In compensation for this every account will get 100 free premium points.

According to the survey exp stage will be set as follows: from x100 to x2.5

Any player who purchased premium points, will get them soon. You should get your points till 15:00 (29.10.2014) with your compensation. Everything is working well.

Posted by God Tomos
27 Oct 2014 - Vote for exp
Here you can vote for exp stage:
Posted by God Inwob
25 Oct 2014 -
Hi there guys!

As promised according to our small deal (if we would get over 180 likes on our fanpage) we decided to give Narvia another try, however her days are inexorably going to the end.

We are not planning to make any special improvements. Notwithstanding we decided to add a small “democratic system” to our server which means that You guys can change the way how Narvia develops by doing various questionnaires. More details soon.

According to this we are going to post our first questionnaire soon in which you would decide about exp stages of our server. If you want to take a part in this survey you will need to send us a text message (which will cost about 0,51 PLN) and in the return you will get a promo code which will get you 100 points to our sms-shop. Keep in mind that you will be able to receive only ONE code per account/phone number.

From now we will not provide any free vt nor guild tournaments however if you want to grab some free premium points you will be able to by advertising our server (kind of refer-a-friends system). Everyone who will register from your refer link will get 10k after reaching 20 lvl). We will not accept any other way of advertisement.

Server start is scheduled for Tuesday at 20:00 Polish time.

That’s all for now guys. Greetings.

Posted by God Inwob