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31 Jul 2015 - Server start
Start is moved to Tuesday, 2015-08-04 15:00 hour because a lot of people that demanded and also not've developed with the addition of new items to the server.

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Posted by Narvia Team
19 Jun 2015 -
July 31, 18:00 - You should remember this date because that's when a new edition of a well-known server will have its premiere!

After four months we are prepared for a new edition that will probably be even better than all the previous editions! We have prepared many attractions which will make the game even more interesting. Every edition of Narvia was a success and this time it's going to be the same.
We decided to increase the exp stages rate for this edition because we didn't have such exp stage in a long time, and who knows, maybe it will be very successful:

Exp Stages:
• 1-50 - x200
• 51-100 - x100
• 101-120 - x75
• 121-140 - x50
• 141-160 - x25
• 161-180 - x10
• 181-200 - x5
• 201+ - x2.5
Loot: x2.5
Spawn: x2
Skills: x15
Mlev: x5

We hope that you will enjoy this configuration :) Here's a list of some advantages of our server:

PvP from 1lvl - were you annoyed with low level players who interrupted you during the war? We created an ideal solution that will eliminate this problem. PvP is from level 1, but - if player X has lower level than 40 and he gets killed by player Y, then player X will be teleported to temple and won't lose anything and player Y will not get any frag. Additionaly players with level 40 and below have more protection against damage dealt by other players: for someone who has 8lvl, the protection will be at 90%, for 15lvl 80%, for 30lvl 50%, and after 40lvl everything goes back to normal.

Ring/amulets/ue exhaust - If you will deal damage to other player, exhaust will turn on automaticaly for the next few minutes. Exhaust will last for 10 seconds and it will turn off automatically if you won't deal any damage to a player for 3 minutes.

PvP Bless - 20 frags will be required to get a red skull on this edition. That's a lot. We're introducing Pvp bless so that players won't lose a lot of money. In case you have pvp bless, normal blesses and you will die by a player, you won't lose normal blesses but only pvp bless.

Except for the advantages mentioned above, we have things like: - Extremely stable, sufficient and advanced server engine - Engine that runs Narvia is currently the best engine in the OTS world, there is no possibility of rollbacks. It works on many threads which makes it different from our competitor's engines. We made a record of online players using this engine - 1466 players online.

Protection against attacks - If our server will be affected by network attacks then it means that all the other OTS servers won't be able to repel the same attack. Our server is located in one of the most protected hosting company in Europe - HosTeam. Although there were attacks carried out on this company but they were quickly blocked. We also have an advanced internal protection system against different types of attacks. A proof that our internal security system works perfectly is that nobody (as a player) managed to attack our server this year.

Cast system - This system is enjoyed by our players and used very often. It allows players to broadcast their game and also watch other players playing on our server.

Cam System - Another advanced system. It uses approximately 5-10GB memory on our disk everyday with 1000 players. It records a player and his game so that later on you can use appropriate program to watch it. At the start it will be turned on only for some players (so that the server is mroe efficient).

Other additional things like:
- Guilds chat
- Rapid server save (0.4 sec for 1000 players)
- Huge amount of working quests
- Many working raids
- The most advanced system against hackers
- One of the best maps, with almost no bugs
- Technically advanced website
- Balanced vocations
- Auctions with items (alternative sms shop)
- Recommendation system
- Quick and easy bug report
- Our own fixed algorithms of attacks
- Possibility of changing the layout of casted spells to animated or standard
- Fully woking task system
- Addons rank
- Powergamers
- Top Online
- Quest Makers
- Well made paralyze rune
- A very long history! We have many years of experience with creating OT servers :)
And many, many more which you will see by playing on our server.

NOTE! Before we'll launch the server, we will inform you about few new things that we want to introduce to the server - so stay tuned!

Create your account today and wait for the start!

Posted by Narvia Team