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Welcome to Kerania.eu
Last joined us: Traktor! Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the best player on the server is: Frida Osv (248). Congratulations!
Activated Accounts: 2466
Players: 2732
Active guild wars: 20
Guilds in databese: 64
5 Feb 2016 - Update
Today we have fixed a lot of pages like highscores, kerania casts, top fraggers, addons makers, tasks makers, last deaths. This is not the end of our work, tonight you can expect changes in the Wars and Guilds & Guilds Rank pages.

It's been almost a week since starting the server, and we still have more than 300 active players. Unfortunately, photos of advances will not be thrown to the main page because we have received they too little.

Little information
If you want to receive information on our servers starts like fanpage or purchase points via SMS - in the latter case, you will be notified by SMS with a promotional code.
Posted by Kerania Team
2 Feb 2016 - Promotion!
We are 3 days after launch, on the server is still a big activity. We are very pleased with this, we will do everything to stay that way. Today we decided to start promoting PayPal, for which asked so many players. It amounts to 25% more points, and will apply until further notice. Soon more promotions, including transfers from Polish.

Please also take pictures during the advances and send the e-mail address admin@kerania.eu.
Posted by Kerania Team
1 Feb 2016 - Lags..
The person who experiencing lag, please download the program below.

- https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hyebx9o4xprlve9/AACOE5_BlU1BFDkaMUGV9Hd4a?dl=0
(version 3.0.3)

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_ts6coln3Y

Please make screens and send us on email admin@kerania.eu ;-)

Thank you for playing, and wish high levels! We also thank the player Bestiurek for providing this information.
Posted by Kerania Team
31 Jan 2016 - Welcome!

Posted by Kerania Team
28 Jan 2016 - Kerania.eu - Some informations.

Start has been postponed to 31.01.2016 14:00 CET, so we decided to add some information about events, points for level etc. Currently we have 700 accounts it is a very good result, given the increasingly less interest in the protocol 8.60. We look forward to approx 400-500 players.

Premium points for first 200 players
First 200 logged players will get 100 premium points.

Premium points for advances
On kerania we have a system that distributes points at a given level. Below we present intervals.

Level 80 - 50 premium points
Level 100 - 50 premium points
Level 120 - 50 premium points
Level 140 - 50 premium points
Level 160 - 50 premium points
Level 180 - 60 premium points
Level 200 - 60 premium points
Level 220 - 60 premium points
Level 240 - 60 premium points
Level 260 - 60 premium points

As you can see, in this edition, we focus mainly on fun! We hope that you will be with us for longer.
Posted by Kerania Team
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